(The Jealous Julies)

Envious Elephants

Just plain jealous of you, profoundly unhappy in their lives and think that you have something that they lack.

Aliases: Jealous Jumbos, Covetous Cachalots, Green-eyed Giants


These flying monkeys are just plain jealous of you.

You might have a nicer house, drive a fancier car, be more attractive, have a more successful or prestigious career, or be the type of people that others want to hang around. This particular species of monkey is profoundly unhappy in their lives and think that you have something that they lack.

Rather than seeing you as a role model, they see you as the enemy and competition.

Ekho's Experience

One of the flying monkeys, Audry, for some reason, thought that her son had a crush on me and that I returned his affection -- neither was the case. She was friendly to my face, but behind my back, she took every opportunity she could to badmouth me.

My narcissist knew that she held these feelings, so when his smear campaign was in full force, he latched on to this narrative that I was having an affair with her son (I guess mothers always think their children's romantic prospects are greater than they are).

This tactic did three things:

  1. it gained my narcissist some sympathy points
  2. it confirmed Audry's fears and legitimized the rumors she and others were spreading
  3. it recruited him another flying monkey.

My narcissist loved to report to me all of the people who were taking his side and saying hurtful things about me. He was sure to let me know that this monkey had reached out to him after my second assault wanting to get “the real side of the story” -- a tale (i.e. lie) that he was only too glad to tell her. 

all of the monkeys can't save Narcissist

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