(The Sycophants)

Brown-nose Bunny

Sycophantic flying monkeys excessively flatter and praise the narcissist, seeking their approval and validation.

Aliases: Sycophant Rabbit, Flatterer Flopsy, Bootlicking Bunny, Toady Thumper, Yes-Bunny, Subservient Scut, Suck-up Snuggles, Flunkey Fluffy


Sycophantic flying monkeys, loathsome as they are, excessively flatter and praise the narcissist, seeking their approval and validation. They reinforce the narcissist's grandiosity and ego by constantly showering them with admiration and praise.

Ekho's Experience

I'd say Jennifer -- the woman whose husband cheated on her for years with someone overseas --  would fit this category (as well as others). I suspect (and my narcissist was cocksure) that she had a crush on my narcissist for some time.

Heck, Jennifer may have thought that the two of them would become an item if she could just skedaddle me out picture. I know that he led her on and got a great kick out of telling me how grateful she would be for his penis – always adding “I bet she would be appreciative”

Jennifer was on a committee at my church that deals with mending relationships. My narcissist went to this committee with his children in tow and spoke about how awful I was and how he was the real victim. This monologue was so convincing that all three members of the committee allowed him to come back to the church without even contacting me, despite the no-contact order.

After his Academy Award performance, Jennifer and my narcissist went out to a local bar. Later, when we were in divorce counseling, my narcissist bragged about how much Jennifer praised him and flirted with him, even suggesting that she 'shoved her crouch' in his direction with his kids present.

Who knows if she did or did not, but I do know that this woman pretended to be my friend when the incident first happened, but I quickly found out that she was one of the most malignant types of flying monkeys – the ones that play both sides to gather information so that the narcissist can revictimize the victim again and again.

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