The Second Assault

The Second Assault

The second time my narcissist assaulted me bad enough for the cops to be called was in November 2022, almost a year to the day after the first arrest. This time, he was not drinking but had fallen off the wagon earlier that week and was highly on edge because he had gone a few days without alcohol. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I now suspect that he was going through alcohol withdrawal.

His two kids were at Amara and Gasper's house (they had two kids my step-kids' ages), and my two kids were with their dad. My narcissist and I were having a disagreement about finances when he sprung up in anger, grabbed my phone and iPad out of my hands, slammed them on the floor (breaking my iPad), grabbed my computer cord so I had no means of reaching anyone electronically, and began to hit and shove me. This time I lost it. I had absolutely had it with his violence, lies, alcoholism, and bad behavior. I reacted. I broke his computer and grabbed two pictures of the kids.  Screaming “You are ruining our family”, I broke the pictures on the fireplace, an act totally out of character for me. As if he had a plan already in the making, he used his iPhone (I did not have mine since he took it from me) to film this portion of the ordeal.

I then remembered that there was another iPad in his youngest son’s room. I ran up to the room to retrieve it and, as I began to type for help on Facebook Messenger, he grabbed me by the head and shoved my forehead into the wall. I put my arm out to brace myself but still, my head hit a support beam in the wall, and I was knocked unconscious. I woke up to him calling and texting our family and friends to say, “Ekho had a mental breakdown and self-harmed herself, come help.”

When the police came, they were not fooled by his video or story that I was ‘crazy’ and ‘self-harmed.’ Interestingly, two of the police officers were the same officers who had come to our house the first time he was arrested. My narcissist was taken to jail in handcuffs for a second time. I later learned that, rather than admitting to what he did, he dug in his heels and continued to hold to the story that I went crazy and self-harmed. Like a fool, I was still trying to protect him, all the while he was trying to place the blame for his violence and aggression on me.

I went to the emergency room the next day and was diagnosed with a concussion, cervical neck strain, and a fractured collarbone.

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