Narcissus V. Bear - Things a Bear Never Did to Me but Narcissus Did

Narcissus V. Bear - Things a Bear Never Did to Me but Narcissus Did

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Things a bear never did to me but my narcissist did:

  1. Slam my head into a wall and, then, tell everyone I self-harmed
  2. Slam my head into a wall and, then, tell me that I broke my own collarbone for putting my arm out to brace myself
  3. Scold me for accusing him of drinking followed by the silent treatment, only to later learn that he was drinking
  4. Do something horrible and, then, throw a fit in public to get our family and friends involved in our marital problems
  5. Tell everyone that we were in counseling for my alleged mental health issues when we were in counseling for his violence and alcoholism 
  6. Tell me that he loved me and wanted to marry me and, simultaneously, tell his ex-wife that they were going to move out of state together
  7. Get caught looking at half-naked pics of his student, then run and tell his mom that I was being mean to him so that she would scold me through text
  8. Have his friends over to the house every day and never want my friends there and, then, say that I was trying to keep him from his friends
  9. Go to a bar/ brewery 4-6 times per week with his kids in tow, make them sit at a separate table from him while he and his friends talked about how great they were and drank to intoxication, and then scold me when I told him he shouldn’t do that and claim I am trying to keep him away from his kids
  10. Take pictures of my medicine (to include empty bottles) and then show them to his flying monkeys to paint the picture that I was mentally unstable
  11. Beat me up and, when I reacted, record my reaction to recruit more monkeys
  12. Tell me that I deserved to be cheated on because I was not pretty enough (download the free meme)
  13. Get made when I didn’t want him to drink and drive with the kids and accuse me of ‘not wanting him to have friends’. (download the free meme)
  14. Act like a monster to the children and then tell people that I was a threat to the kids
  15. Insist that he gets a birthday month and that I take him out to each multiple times and on weekend getaways, and then not even so much as give me a card on my birthday
  16. Try to get me kicked out of the church where he was the beloved former president because he hit me and I reported it
  17. Beg me to drop the PFA to a civil no-contact so that he could keep his professorship and funding and, then, when I agreed tell everyone I couldn’t get a PFA because I made the abuse and violence up
  18. Make plans with me for a vacation and, three days before the vacation, cancel because his bff invited him on a bike trip
  19. Guilt me into paying for him and his kids to go on an all-expensive paid trip to Costa Rica and, then, when I ask him to drive me and my kids to the airport for our vacation, refuse
  20. Tell his friends that he was protecting the kids from me and that is why he physically assaulted me (even though his kids were at a friend's house when he assaulted me) (Download the free meme)
  21. Not understand why I might not want him to hang out with a woman who told me to shut up almost every time she saw me and, then, accuse me of not wanting him to have friends (Download the free meme)
  22. Ask to use my credit card for lunch and, then, use my credit card to buy over a hundred dollars worth of groceries for his house
  23. Come over to my house to use my pool and, when I ask him to take the dog out because I will not be home, accuse me of using him
  24. Pretend like he was broke so that I would pay for everything, while he actually made more money than me
  25. Cheat on me with a friend and fellow member of our church, and then blame me for it because I was being difficult (I expressed hurt that he was an hour late for my daughter’s birthday party because he was chatting with a friend while my whole family sat around waiting for him to eat lunch) (download the free meme)
  26. Insist I pay for half or more of the vacations he wanted to take with his kids (and take off work to go on them so I could help watch the kids), and then refuse to go or contribute to my kids vacations

Leave a comment of what your narcissus did to you that a bear never did! 

(or download one of these Narcissus-vs-Bear memes, share it on social, and brighten your day!)

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